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The B.E.E.R. Method- Get back on track without the Extreme Diets or Workouts

Anyone over eat this holiday or weekend and feel like You are back to 
Square one?

Good news is that chances are you didn't go back to square one, 
Better news is you just need to implement what I like to call the 
B.E.E.R. METHOD to get right back on track!
Whether after a holiday, preparing for an event (like a race), or you're looking to FINALLY lose and keep off those pesky last few pounds or inches, 

The B.E.E.R. Method is a guaranteed way to get there without the Extreme diets, workouts, or cleanses that only deprive you.
I developed this method while training for American Ninja Warrior, the various races I participate in, and to help my clients stop relying on Extreme Diets, Workouts, and Cleanses that end up setting them back in the long run.
B- Back to Basics

Stay away from extreme diets and workouts that promise you quick results, only to deprive...
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The Secret to Staying Motivated!


Are you someone who is constantly looking for a little extra push to get going, or take you to that next level?

Whether you are looking for;

Motivation to get or stay fit, 

Reasons to travel (Solo or with others),

Be part of something larger than Yourself,

Or you are just the creeper looking to see fit people in tight clothes... 


Then you need to be planning for and/or signing up for some sort of event/trip/race!


Hear me out, even though I Am one of those crazy gym rat people,

I didn't become one of those crazy racers until the Fall of 2012 when I ran my first Obstacle Course Race.


It was a Tough Mudder at the racetrack in Englishtown NJ, a grueling 12 mile course with over 25 obstacles along the way.



What on Earth made me decide to sign up for one of those mud runs that you get electrocuted during?

Crazy I know!! Just look --------> 




Truth is it took me over 3 years to sign up for the event.

I had people ask...

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Fix Your Portions, Fix Your Waistline


"Bryant, I want to know YOUR SECRET" 

How do you keep beer/wine/snacks in your diet and still have the body you do?

I know you enjoy your beer and chips, I just want to know how you do it so I can do it too. 

Anyone else ever feel like this?
Wanting your cake and being able to eat it too?

Of course, we all do...


Yesterday I met up with a friend who asked me this exact question...

To him and many others,  It makes no sense!

- Do you skip meals?
- Is it because you're still young?
- Do you just have good genetics?
- What foods are you cutting out of your diet?
- Do you just not indulge unless it's the weekend?
- Are you saving your calories so you can drink or eat more?


What is your SECRET I need to know!!

I looked at my friend George as we were talking over a couple delicious IPA's, at
Bradley Brew Project in Bradley Beach, NJ, and said those are good questions,

They are not  the question you should be asking or focusing on though...

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Fit for Adventure Coaching Origin Story...

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2020

A lot flashes across your mind as your flying 20 feet through the air after being hit by a
Ford F-150.


I don’t know how many of you have had a near death experience like that,

but I do know we have all had a moment that has defined or shaped the path we are now on.


At the age of 21 my path set ablaze when I stood up, ripped off my shirt, and flexed at that Ford F-150 truck and said is that all you got?!


The truth is at the moment I realized that I wasn’t Superman…I wasn’t invincible…and something in our lives can be taken away or changed {snap finger} like that!

Just take a look at how Covid-19 affected all of us in a blink of an eye!


When YOU get to a moment like that, there are two paths that will open up...


One leads to a crazy lifestyle of risk and danger, 



The other leads to a sedentary lifestyle of mindless every day tasks that try to keep you safe and at home.


If you take second...

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3 Simple Ways to Reboot and Refresh Post Holiday


Let's face it when the holiday's hit we want to have fun with our friends, family, and loved ones. 

Which means good food, good drinks, and usually a little too much of one or both. 


The bad news, there are tons of people giving you all the tips in the world how to make the holiday's healthier, how to avoid overindulgences, etc etc etc. 

The good news, there are simple ways to get and keep yourself on track after the holiday's are over. Plus if you follow some of them during the holiday's they will allow you to indulge without over indulging...too much 


The BEST news, I'm going to share my Top 3 Ways to get and keep you on track regardless of if you indulge or not. 


Top 3 Ways to Reboot and Refresh Post Holiday

  1.  Indulge in the Nectar of Life- H2O 

    Drinking more water post holiday will allow your organs to do what they were meant to do, by removing toxins, waste, and keep everything moving like a well oiled engine. 

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3 Steps to Optimize the Prime of Your Life (Part 1)


When I was training to compete on American Ninja Warrior I was young, cocky, thought I knew it all, and thought I was preparing in all the right ways to be at the top of my game for the show. 



I had all the energy in the world to train, my body was getting stronger and more agile (or so I thought), and I was eating healthy foods on top of not drinking ANY alcohol. 



I was doing all the things we are told are smart, healthy, and the right way to improve our fitness and yet something crazy happened... 


I hit a plateau and my results started going the opposite direction. 


Something that didn't make sense to me because I was doing all the right things. Wasn't I? 


A lot of my clients, who are in the prime years of their life, experience the same thing and can't seem to figure out what's going on either.


Sounds familiar, right? 


Fortunately as a fitness professional, I was able to take a step back...

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Avoid the Holiday Weekend Bloat...

Uncategorized May 23, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend may look a little different this year, but there are some things that are always consistent...

Feeling Bloated from

- Eating all the Foods

- Too much Alcohol

- Not enough Water


The good news...

You can do all of the above without the bloat, 
as long as you keep it Simple and follow the tips in the video!

Or continue reading them below...

Avoid the Bloat this MDW by following these tips:


1) Stay Away from the Calorie Bank Deposit

What that means is stop "saving" your calories in order to eat more later in the day.

By saving calories you will end up overeating all at once and feel bloated, full, exhausted, and be up to 5 lbs heavier all at the same time. 

Eat normal meals throughout the day and you'll be able to enjoy all the BBQ foods without stuffing yourself. 

2) Follow the 1 to 1 Alcohol Ratio

In other words kill two birds with one stone...

For every alcoholic drink you have, have a glass of water (8 oz). 


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Are you looking for Motivation or a Push to Do Something More?

Why are we running for ALS?

And more specifically Joan Dancy and Pals?


It's simple... 

In 2009 I started working at a fitness center called the Atlantic Club in Manasquan, NJ. 

At that time I had no idea what 
ALS was... (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig ’s Disease. (See definition below)
**ALS:   is a progressive debilitating disease that attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, resulting in muscle weakness and atrophy. 
There is no cure.

It wasn't until I got to fulfill one of my "Bucket List" goals of participating in Polar Bear Plunge that I started learning about this disease.  (pictured to the right)

That February, along with a team from the Atlantic Club, we jumped into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean and helped raise over $250,000 for ALS and specifically the Joan Dancy and Pals foundation. 


I had never heard of the foundation before, never knew it existed, and still...

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Avoid Gaining the Covid 20lbs by...

We all know the saying about teens going off to college and gaining the Freshman-15...

What I've been helping people do while being quarantined is
Avoiding the COVID- 20... GAINING Twenty pounds that is!

I've been doing that in 1 of 3 ways...

1) Develop a Strong Offense for your Health

  • Home Workouts via FB lives and Live Zoom chats

  • Beachbody on Demand exercise programs (700+ workouts)

  • Workout Schedule (Stop following random live workouts, follow a schedule and know what you're working towards)

    (Join group with this Link) or click the picture below


2) Build a GREAT Defense for your Wellness 

  • Portion Control (stay away from boredom and emotional eating)

  • Home Delivery (what foods are you having delivered?)

  • Nutritional Knowledge (learn new recipes, habits, and ideas)




3) Find YOUR Team

  • Join a social media group
    (find one that fits your needs, goals, and aligns with your values)
    * Here's one that I run Fit for...
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Top 3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System (that no one is talking about)

homeworkouts Mar 16, 2020

With all the hand washing, eating healthy, get more sleep, and social distancing


Why is no one talking about these 3 things that we all SHOULD be focusing on?


Top 3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System (that no one is talking about!!)

  1. Time to make those Coronial Babies ;)

    Sex can be a great way to help your immune system! 

    Hormones and stress will be released as well as getting a little cardiovascular workout going.
    All signs point to enjoying your partner more in order to stay healthier during this quarantine time :) 

    You have my permission to go have a little more fun with your partner! 

  2.  Get out of the Recirculated Air! 

    We're being told to social distance, but what we're not being told is to get out in the FRESH air. 

    Fresh air is a known way to help improve and boost your immune system naturally.
    The more time spent out of the house, even if it's your backyard is a great way to improve your health both physically and mentally.

    Get out and...
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