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Tired of the Yo-Yo Results with your Nutrition and Fitness?


Yo-yo dieting:  
A cycle of short-term changes in eating and activity. That leads to only short term benefits of weight loss or strength gains and results in landing in the same place or worse than when you started. 

Have you ever experience that with your diet or your workouts?

The first experience I had with Yo-Yo'ing results, was when I first started really working out in with Jay a friend/colleague/coach in High School. 

We'd meet up before lifeguarding every morning at 6am. 

He was older and more experienced with workouts than I was so I would follow the routines he had in place.

And I can remember being annoyed at how much stronger he was than me. 

Which of course means I pushed through the times I was at the gym with him, and then avoided certain exercises when I wasn't with him because I was embarrassed with how light the weight was that I was putting up by myself. 

Doing that led him to getting stronger and me staying the same or going backwards at times, 

I couldn't for the life of me understand why. 

Simple answer was...

I wasn't being consistent with my workouts and the exercises I wanted to improve upon, and he was. 

Which is why he saw the results he wanted, and I didn't 

Sound familiar?

Of course it does, we've all been there and experienced this same Yo-Yo'ing phenomenon at some point in our lives with our workouts or our diets. 

Think about how excited you were to start on your New Year's Resolutions...

How motivated where you to get that summer body you've been wanting for the past 5-10 years?

The kids are back to school time to get back to yourself and your health...Right?!

Then someone in our lives tells us about this crazy diet, high intense fitness program, and shortcut that lead to them quickly losing some weight. And then we try it, see some short terms results that our friends did and then we fall back into our own routines. 

All because we were overcomplicating something that didn't fit into our own lifestyles. 

Bottom line is we all need to focus on ourselves, what works for us, and stay consistent with our actions. 

When I got away from focusing on my friend's Goal, the quick fixes, and I started working on my own goals, I saw the results I wanted to see. 

What results do you want to see?

What have you tried that hasn't worked?

Do you need help discovering the simple ways to get there?

Then set up a call on the link on this page and let's discover them together!! 

If you're not ready for that step, what's 1 thing fitness or nutrition wise that you could improve upon yourself starting right now? 

Start there, and when you're ready let's hop on a call together :)


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